Ceramics and Glasses


Furnace refractories, innovative kiln furniture systems and wear resistant products from ATD respond to high temperature challenges in ceramic applications. ATD offers a proper selection of silicon carbide (and nitride bonded) ADCARSIL and ADCARNIT, high purity alumina ADALUM, and high purity alumina-mullite ADMULL and a variety of kiln furniture systems, including plates, setters, supports and beams. Integrating different refractory materials for strength and lighter systems. Developed which are resistant to oxidation, thermal shock, creep at high temperature, chemical compatibility, dimensional stability, ensuring maximum productivity and longer life. Costs and sustainability are key factors and ATD systems are designed for low mass and high thermal conductivity result in shorter firing cycles, helping to reduce energy and firing costs in high temperature applications while enhancing productivity.
CATÁLOGO Procesos Cerámicos