1. ATD manufacturing plant.

Located in Algete (Madrid) close to Madrid Barajas Airport, it is a 4000 m2 ceramic materials production plant fitted with large mass production equipment, including:

  • A general purpose big scale production furnace, up to 1700 ºC and over de 3 m3 capacity, gas fed.
  • Three additional furnaces for test and assays, as well as several heaters.
  • An industrial drying room with over 20 m2.
  • A Nitrogen plant for nitruration and special thermal treatment
  • A full system for monolithic material not stopping production, including an automatic packer unit.
  • Other miscellaneous equipment: press, balls mill, lathes, drills, mixers, etc.

ATD manufacturing plant installations

2. ATD R&D labs

Located in Alcorcón, within the Business Park “El Encinar”, just by the exit 36 of Highway M-40 in Madrid, it is fully devoted to the ATD R&D activities.

We count on several spaces for the different activities:

  • Mechanical workshop
  • Sample analysis and processing
  • Electronic Lab
  • Chemical Lab
  • Development and tests Lab
  • Clean Room
  • High temperature vacuum furnace room

The vacuum furnace system allows the synthesis of any material, being able to reach up to 10-7 torr and up to 1650 ºC.

Development and test Lab is equipped with 4 vacuum chambers for  different purposes:

  • Devices performance tests   
  • Oxidation processes                                               
  • Sputtering deposition processes
  • Plasma etching processes.

All of them are reaching up to 10-7 Torr and have, as standard elements:

  • PC with screen(s), keyboard, and WLAN connection
  • Turbo pump Edwards mounted on an ISO 100
  • Auxiliar pump Alcatel OME 25s
  • 1 air pressure circuit for cleaning/valves operation             
  • 2 gas inlet circuits
  • 2 mass flow controllers
  • 1 water cooling chilling circuit
  • Several air cooling fans system

Development and test Lab

CHAMBER 1:  Device and emission performance tests

  • ISO 400 with 6 passthroughs KF 40
  • easy accessibility and operation from upper side 
  • Temperature control for up to 9 thermocouples
  • dB9 connector for 9 analog signals
  • frontal and upper viewers
  • Power supply 300 V – 0,5 A
  • 2 current sources (100 A, 22.3 A)
  • pico-amperimeter  (KEITHLEY DDM 6500)
  • vacuum level up to 10-7 Torr

CHAMBER 2:  Oxidation chamber. Reactive sputtering for special oxides thin film depositions

  • ISO 160 T
  • Frontal accessibility and viewer
  • 90º configuration to prevent magnetron particles to get deposited on nano-meter thin oxide films
  • One magnetron 2 inch
  • dB9 connection ready

CHAMBER 3:  Double magnetron sputtering deposition chamber. General purpose thin film depositions

  • ISO 160 cross
  • Frontal accessibility and viewer
  • 90º configuration to prevent magnetron particles to get deposited on nano-meter thin films, and to shorten target-substrate distance to reduce risk of oxidation of sputtered metals.
  • dB9 connector for 9 signals
  • one 1 inch magnetron
  • one 2 inch magnetron
  • one manual gate valve ISO 100

CHAMBER 4:  Plasma etching chamber

  • Chamber 300x300x350 mm
  • Frontal accessibility and viewer
  • Chamber 4 test environment is completed with:
    – UV halogen bulb
    – Monochromator transmiting a mechanically selectable narrow band of wavelengths of light to allow the full characterization of devices as a function of temperature, incidents photons wavelenghts, voltage …

Advanced Thermal Devices S.L.

C/ Villaconejos, 4.

28925-Alcorcón (Madrid, Spain).

VAT: ESB-86823036